Learner and Studier

I am a learner and a studier.  A learner is used in the broad sense for both learner and studier, when it comes to being a disciple.  When I compare learner and studier, I am using them in a narrower sense to mean that a learner is someone who learns in the context of things and a studier is someone who learns in the context of words. 

In my younger years, while I succeeded in school from the standpoint of grades, I had a very poor attitude toward studying.  I had my reasons, some valid and some invalid. 

I feel much better about myself today, because I now have a balanced understanding of both of these concepts and when to learn more and when to study more.  Sometimes it is just a matter of keeping them equal and balanced as I learn as a disciple of Jesus Christ (Yashua the Messiah).

I have recently realized the importance of getting more education under my belt, because of the importance of words.  At the same time, as I express in my idea of "hidden in plain view" in one of my blogs, there comes a point when a person must realize that words are also about things and are not always defined by other words, but by the objects they point to in real life. 

We also have to guard ourselves against thinking that the greatest words in the Bible, like the word holy, are easy to grasp.  We need to move educationally from the milk to solid food.  For example, to do something for someone is milk, yet love is solid food.   I have learned and studied the wisdom of David in saying that he does not seek great things for himself.  That holds true for studying words.  We must experience milk before we can handle solid food.  The milk is our foundation. 

I hope I am able to keep both of these balances as a disciple for the rest of my life.  The first kind of balance feels much better than my older attitude of praise for only one kind of learning and tolerance for the other only when it got me results.  The second kind of balance helps me also feel more joy and ease in learning and studying in moving from milk to solid food and not trying to feed on solid food alone or continuing a diet of just milk.  May God grant you these as well. 
In Christ,