Thursday, November 19, 2015

Definition of Holy: The Contribution of Mental Health to Defining it Correctly

I recently completed a book titled, Mental Health for Everyone, that is one part of what will be two parts to my post-graduate degrees including a Ph.D., where the central thesis will be on the definition of holy.  Fortunately, one of advisers for my first thesis paper noticed that my work on definition of holy originally had two papers inside of one paper.  As a result, I wrote my book on mental health since it is really my method for approaching the definition of holy.

I am excited to announce that my book on mental health is now officially published as of October 27, 2015.  It is on sites like and Barnes and Noble.

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The key to a successful definition of holy and blessed is the use of the principles that the mind uses to successfully reach decisions on things in our world.  These principles of teaching, coaching, schooling, and educating are the method that I use in solving the differences over the meaning of holy as it is found in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Scriptures.  There is truly one definition for it, not the many available on the internet!

My next project will be to write another version of this book on mental health and my method that will fill in the all the footnotes that formed the foundation for my published book.  That version will be what I submit for my project for my S.T.M. (Masters of Sacred Theology).  I can't wait until it too is complete.

The following 2 years I hope to devote to the meaning of blessed and holy.  Please pray that I might even finish my footnoted version by this coming Spring and then devote myself on THE big project - the definitions of blessed and holy!  That wish or goal is a stretch, but I would love it if it happened that way.

For now, I will let you know what you are looking for as in a definition of blessed and holy with further proof coming in the future. Blessed consists of an exhaustive set of wonderful things.  Holy consists of the the fullness of these things.  These definitions are a bit abstract, but if you read further I fill the details in more fully.

May God richly bless you with being mentally healthy and even more with being blessed and holy!

In Christ,


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